"It's a lot more than just a lesson, it's a chance to express yourself with the help of a friend who will give you honest and constructive feedback and advice. The progress was noticeable within the first day. If I could change anything about the experience, it would be starting sooner!"

– Natasha Jubanski, 16, Student, London


These lessons are for anyone who would like to work one on one with their voice and are designed specifically to your individual needs. You may wish to feel more comfortable when singing in front of others, because you would like to work on your vocal technique or expression or purely for your own exploration or pleasure. Here are some areas that can be covered in the lessons:


- Confidence                             - Singing for Joy
- Expression                             - Releasing of the voice
- Performance                          - Songwriting
- Technique


Naturally it may be a mix of more than one of these areas and to different degrees. The singing lessons will be adapted and suited specifically to what you would like to work on. Likewise, if you are not sure exactly what it is you would like to work on, we can always figure that out together during the lessons.


Ania’s specialisms: Pop, Jazz, Folk, Blues, Soul & Songwriting


"She does not tell you how to sing, but rather how to find your own voice whilst using technique that is beneficial to you! Highly recommended for any singing style, whether it be pop or classical."  - Johann Meux

The ultimate goal for all singing lessons is to empower the student to understand how their voice functions in a healthy and safe way. None of what it taught is 'instead of', but 'as well as'. Meaning, that as long as the voice is used healthily, there is no stylistic or aesthetic bias and the styles and qualities that are used are completely for the choosing by the person singing. Having a playful approach to singing is wonderfully liberating to discover all the interesting sounds it can make. All sounds that the human voice can make are of value, it just depends which ones you want to use!

For more information about Ania's Training please see the bottom section of the 'About' page.


Standard rate - £50 (1 hour)                                                   


All lessons are to be paid for in full in advance, at the time of booking.

You can have one lesson and then feel into when you would like to have the next. It is important to have time in between lessons so that you can digest the information and put it into practice at a pace that suits you.

Days and Location:

**Please note: Ania no longer teaches at the studio in Dalston**


All lessons are now held online via Zoom.

Please contact Ania for current availability Mon - Fri.


Cancellations: Please note that cancellations made within 48 hours will be subject to a 100% cancellation fee.

Illness: If you are unwell at all with a flu or even the slightest of colds - it is essential that you re-arrange your lesson. Firstly, the lesson will be more enjoyable for yourself when you are 100% fit and well. Secondly, as singing is my profession, it is important that I do not catch what you have :) Thanking you in advance.

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