"The progress was noticeable within the first day. If I could change anything about the experience, it would be starting sooner!" – Natasha Jubanski


These lessons are for anyone who would like to work one to one with their voice and are designed specifically to your individual needs. The Song Within specialises in helping you overcome long standing blocks and to re-connect to your voice. You may want to simply discover what it can do and are curious. You may desire to feel more comfortable when singing in front of others or singing with friends and family. You may like to work on your vocal technique or purely for your own exploration and pleasure.


Here are areas that can be covered in the lessons:

  • Overcoming blocks/fears/anxiety to sing with confidence and joy

  • Enjoy Freedom of Expression supported by solid vocal technique

  • Solid and effective tools to overcome nerves

  • Learn efficient performance techniques

  • Songwriting - using just your voice (no need to read music or play an instrument - your voice is an instrument)

  • Vocal coaching or singing lessons just for fun

  • Build confidence

  • Learn how to express yourself authentically

  • Have fun and feel comfortable in your body when singing


Naturally, it may be a mix of more than one of these areas and to different degrees. The singing lessons will be adapted and tailored specifically to what you would like to work on - in each lesson. Likewise, if you are not sure exactly what it is you would like to work on, we can always figure that out together during the lessons.


Ania’s specialisms: Pop, Jazz, Folk, Blues, Soul, R&B, Songwriting


"She does not tell you how to sing, but rather how to find your own voice whilst using technique that is beneficial to you! Highly recommended for any singing style."  - Johann Meux

Here at The Song Within the goal is to empower students to understand how their voice works and to then choose how to use it. There is no aesthetic bias with regards to styles and all students are encouraged to discover their own unique sound whilst using their voice in a healthy and safe way. It is very possible to learn technical proficiency and keep your unique sound that makes you, you.

Having a playful approach to singing is wonderfully liberating to discover all the interesting sounds it can make. All sounds that the human voice can make are of value, it just depends which ones you want to use!

For more information about Ania's Training please see the bottom section of the 'About' page.


COST: Standard rate - £50 (1 hour, full 60 minutes)                                                   


All lessons are to be paid for in full at the time of booking.

You can have one lesson and then feel into when you would like to have the next. It is important to have time in between lessons so that you can digest the information and put it into practice at a pace that suits you.


**Please note: Ania no longer teaches at the studio in Dalston**

When lessons are in person they are in Walthamstow - 15 min bus ride from Clapton Pond roundabout / 25 min walk from Walthamstow Central Tube station (Victoria Line).

Update 13.12.21

Lessons are now all online via Zoom.

In-person lessons will resume in the new year when it is safe to do so.

As the current situation is continuously unfolding an exact return date to in-person is uncertain. But when they do resume COVID 19 procedures will be in place (the exact details TBC).

AVAILABILITY: Please contact Ania for current availability Mon - Sat.


Cancellations: Please note that cancellations made within 24 hours will be subject to a 100% cancellation fee.

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