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"I had private lessons with her for around a year and encouraged me to challenge myself vocally. She helped me build confidence with my voice, and we were able to work together to develop my vocal technique and explore my own style. Highly recommend as a vocal coach, whether for those looking to combat issues with anxiety around singing, or those looking to develop their technique."

- Thea Martin, Teacher

"Ania is an incredible teacher who is kind, observant and patient. She has a genuine passion for bringing out the best potential in her students, and she shapes her lessons around the specific needs of the individual. Her methods of teaching are second to none - she uses a variety of techniques and analogies that have helped me understand and finesse different aspects of my singing.
     Ania has taught me about the connections that our bodies and minds have to the quality of our singing voice. She has helped me immensely in removing psychological blocks that have held me back from fully expressing myself through singing.
     I gain an amazing sense of value and quality from Ania's lessons and I would never hesitate to recommend her to anyone."

- Shanna Rogan, Interior Designer

"I went to Ania for singing lessons because I wanted to improve my confidence and find what felt like my ‘true voice’. Working with Ania was incredibly rewarding and she made me feel totally comfortable to loosen up and experiment with sound. She really helped me to find freedom and enjoyment in my voice and even to start improvising - something I never thought I’d do. I’m really grateful for my sessions and would recommend everyone to go and have a sing!"
- Katy Jockelson, Web Developer

"Ania is a pure delight to work with. I'm a trainer and coach in authentic public speaking - and the voice is such an integral part of that. Ania has helped me understand the way we make sound, how to use the whole body and voice to express oneself. Ania brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her coaching, and the sessions are creative, productive and fun. Really fun :) If you want support with either singing or speaking, I can warmly recommend her."

- Millie Baker, Coach in Authentic Public Speaking


“Ania managed to create a really relaxed and comfortable space so that no-one would feel self-conscious singing. The workshop was very accessible and confidence boosting, and spending an afternoon singing with a (big) group of people is a lot of fun; it left me feeling really uplifted!”

– Alexandra Hill, Graphic Designer, London (Round Chapel Workshop, May 2017)

“What a fabulous uplifting time we all had at Ania's singing workshop at the Round Chapel.  I can't think of a better way to spend an afternoon. A great introduction to how your voice works with lots of practical exercises, movement and of course plenty of singing! By the end of the day we were all smiling and felt like real singers.  Ania demonstrated how everyone has a voice....... and what a joyful thing that is.”

- Elizabeth Colwell (Round Chapel Workshop, May 2017)

“I recently embarked on a series of singing classes under the tutelage of a one Ania Hardy. I have found her enthusiasm and empathy the novice singer unsurpassed. Ms Hardy shows a real passion for her art and is immensely creative in the manner she enables her students to access both their inner and outer voice. I would confidently and without hesitation recommend her to anyone.”
- Ian Kilpatrick, Primary School Teacher, London

"Ania has been very inspirational and I have enjoyed every class attended. She is very passionate, encouraging and delivers honest, positive feedback. She has introduced me to music I would not normally have listened to as well. Most importantly of all it has been amazing to hear the growth and confidence in singing that has been experienced by every participant on her singing course.”
- Amanda Collings, 48, Housing Systems Trainer, London

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